Weight loss Snacks: 5 Minutes easy Snacks Recipe

This recipe uses a few commonly available ingredients. The snack is filling and nutritious, refreshing, and easy to make. Our body needs all the nutrients in adequate amounts and in correct proportions to work and to make healthy body cells. It’s called balanced nutrition. Weight loss snacks that are easy to make and good in taste are way better than junk food with great taste but bad for health. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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  •  Wheat Puffs/Rice Puffs (3 cups):

I recommend the Kamut wheat or rice puffs because Both of these have no added sugar but you can use whichever is available near you. Wheat puffs: It is twice the size of modern wheat and has a rich nutty flavor. Puffs are high in fiber and have a lot of selenium, zinc, and vitamin b3. It also helps lower cholesterol, supports hormone balance, and boosts immunity that’s why it is an important and major part of your weight loss snacks. 1 Cup of wheat puff weights about 16 grams and you get 2 grams each of fiber and protein. Rice puffs: These puffs are made from organic brown rice and not regular white rice. Brown rice offers more health benefits compared to white rice products. Therefore it is good for weight loss snacks. Especially when it is processed as a puffed cereal. Brown rice retains the bulk of its nutrients properties. It provides key vitamins and minerals without contributing excess fats, sodium, or cholesterol. 1 Cup of rice puff weighs about 16 grams and you get 1 gram each of fiber and protein. Kamut website.

Puffs for weight loss

  • Chopped onion (1 cup):

Onions are a good source of quercetin antioxidants which increase metabolism and reduce inflammation and are a weight loss snack ingredient. It also has a lot of fiber which keeps us full longer and controls the blood sugar levels.

Onion for snacks

  • Tomatoes (2):

You will be using two medium-size tomatoes. Tomatoes are an appetite suppressant a high volume food. It means they have a lot of water, air, and fiber. They help with weight loss by reducing leptin resistance and water retention. That is why it is an important part of weight loss snacks.


  • Chopped Cucumber (1 cup):

Cucumber is low in calories and rich in water and soluble fiber.


  • Salt (1/2 tablespoon):

Salt for weight loss

  • Cumin powder (1 teaspoon):


  • Dry mango powder (1 teaspoon): 

Mango powder is a good source of taste with no bad effects on health, that’s why we added it to your weight loss snacks.

Dry mango for weight loss

  • Fresh lemon juice (1 tablespoon):

Lemon juice

  • Chopped Cilantro leaves:

Don’t skip these leaves because they will help you a lot with weight loss, as it is an important ingredient of your weight loss snacks.

Cilantro leaves for snacks

Process of making weight loss snacks:


Take a bowl and put all the mentioned ingredients in it. Mix all well with the help of a spatula or a spoon. Once done, shift this to a bowl and garnish with some mold coriander. And now your weight loss snacks with Puffed rice/wheat is ready The snack will be very filling and nutritious. It has a lot of fiber, vitamins, and minerals and is safe for everyone including the thyroid. You can enjoy it in the evening or any time of the day when you feel hungry in between meals like a snack. Using white rice puffs to make this type of snack is common but using brown rice puffs is going to be better for your body. Also, just a tip if you want to make it crisp you can warm the puffs before mixing and skip tomatoes.

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