Stubborn Belly Fat: Fat Burning and Blood Sugar Control

This 100% natural remedy will help you lose weight faster and get rid of extra pounds on your body. You can use this drink one time a day to lose about 5 kg in 4 weeks. Please avoid junk food while you are drinking this to get maximum results for stubborn belly fat along with losing weight and also detoxifying your body. This incredible fat-burning drink, stubborn belly fat loss is very easy to make, and also it tastes good. (Visit page for best weight lose snacks at home).


Types of Cinnamons:

  • Cinnamon quills, Its bark is rolled into small quills and this is actually the second quality. This cinnamon is not recommended for stubborn belly fat loss. These are made from the third or fourth layer of the tree. It has less oil content and that’s why it is less effective.

stubborn belly fat lose


  • Cinnamon barks are highly recommended because it has more oil and is more effective for stubborn belly fat loss. Actually, these are the outer layer of bark or tress that’s why it is more effective. (Cinnamons plants).

stubborn belly cinnamons


Benefits of Stubborn belly fat drink:

Cinnamon helps to boost metabolism and reduces bad cholesterol. It helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels stubborn belly fat. Stabilizing your blood sugar is very essential for weight loss. If you are diabetic, then cinnamon can help you in managing blood sugar spikes. It has antibacterial properties therefore it helps to fight against various infections in the body. It also helps clear harmful bacteria from your digestive system. It is also a good cancer-fighting ingredient for cancer patients. More benefits.

Making the process of Stubborn belly fat drink:

Add 1 cup or 200ml of water into a saucepan. Then add two cinnamon sticks in the water and allow this to boil once it starts to boil, simmer the flame for 10 minutes. When it is simmering you will be seeing that the color of the water is changing to a light amber color. After 10 minutes switch off the flame and allow water to cool down once the cinnamon water is warm pour it into a cup or glass. Add in 1 teaspoon honey and mix it well. You can remove the cinnamon sticks when you pour the water into a cup. Now your 100% natural and effective cinnamon tea stubborn belly fat burning with honey tea is ready to consume. (Learn potatoes breakfast recipe 5 minutes).

belly fat burning tea



Have this tea with an empty stomach in the morning and for best results, you can have another cup at bedtime. Don’t drink this tea too hot or cold, it should be warm between 40 to 55 degrees Celcius.

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