Top 10 Best Restaurants in LAS VEGAS: 2022 Best Food

I am going to focus on one of the hottest tourist cities in the world which is Las Vegas. So many people go to Las Vegas every year and they are wondering what exactly should you eat around the city? I will be guiding you on the trip part of Las Vegas. You must be wondering what are the best restaurants that I should eat at on the Las Vegas strip. I am going to discuss the top 10 best restaurants in Las Vegas in 2022. These 10 restaurants are that you must try at once if you’re visiting the city and you want to really the glamour of Las Vegas food there. Because if you go with any of these restaurants then you are gonna be really satisfied. Make sure to bring money there lol for these top 10 best restaurants in Las Vegas.

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  1. Bazaar Meat (best restaurants in Las Vegas):

One of the best in the top 10 restaurants in Las Vegas. Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres is located in the northern part of Las Vegas. Bazaar is probably the best and the most upscale steakhouse you can find in that area which is located in the Sahara hotel. This is what you would call new American Avant grade food where they have just about everything of the highest caliber. A raw bar with caviar and oyster. The steaks include Rio Kobe beef and even a whole suckling pig also cotton candy fog raw which is creative, delicious, memorable but very pricey.

Bazaar Meat best restaurants

  1. Cut:

Cut by Wolfgang puck, Las Vegas is known for its fabulous steakhouses, and Cut easily tops the list as one of the best in Las Vegas located in Palazzo hotel. They have many great steaks including the Wagyu beef, the Koby beef, and Nebraska corn-fed beef. Not to mention the many great appetizers on the menu. If you are a fan of the Los Angeles location then of course you will find just as much satisfaction in the Vegas location. One of the greatest in the top 10 restaurants in Las Vegas. (Stubborn belly fat).


  1. Matteo’s (best restaurants in Las Vegas):

Vegas has a lot of Italian restaurants but Matteo’s easily tops the list as must-try Italian food on the strip. It is located in the Venetian hotel which is certainly a fitting theme One of the best in the top 10 restaurants in Las Vegas. Some of their best food including pasta, Catanese, linguini de made’ and of course there is the grand stuff like there be Stika di Manzo a 14-ounce dry-aged beef. So, if you are looking for some great Italian food in the area then Matteo’s is is the place you got to hit up.

Matteo's (best restaurants in Las Vegas)

  1. Mizumi:

One of the greatest and most beautiful Japanese restaurants on the Las Vegas strip can be found at Wynn hotel at Izumi the best restaurant in Las Vegas. They serve a menu that includes Sashimi, noodles, teppanyaki, and tempura not to mention the great sake and wine list. You might think that this restaurant is all style but no substance ‘not true, once you taste the food you’ll see why it has won many awards from local critics, customers and publications. (How to make weight lose snaks).


  1. Picasso (best restaurants in Las Vegas):

French food fans rejoice because Vegas has it as well one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, Picasso is located in the Bellagio hotel. It has received two Michelin stars and has won countless other awards from local critics, publications, and customers. Everything in this restaurant is state of the art here from the old-school elegant vibe of the decor to the exquisite taste and presentation of the meal. It’s truly an elevated dining experience. The course menu is a three-part meal along with the dessert. You can also have the wine pairing too of course not cheap but not outrageously expensive. So, if you are at the Bellagio hotel and you want some awesome french food remember this will be the best choice.

Picasso best restaurants

  1. Restaurant Guy Savoy (best restaurants in Las Vegas):

French food fans rejoice again because you can find it here at the restaurant Guy Savoy located in caesar’s palace hotel. It has a beautiful ambiance but comes here for the food. It’s expensive but worth the experience. I would recommend the colors of Caviar the artichoke soup with black truffle and a 5 Japanese wagyu beef. Book your spot today if you are at caesar’s palace. 6 in the list of the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

Restaurant Guy Savoy best restaurants

  1. SW Steakhouse:

Another steakhouse makes the list. No list can be complete without SW Steakhouse at the Wynn hotel. A restaurant in which I actually celebrated one of my birthdays. You can get a great view of the lake of dreams at this restaurant but wait until you try the steak. They have everything from the bone in rib eye to Nebraska corn-fed beef and Kobe wagyu.

SW Steakhouse

  1. Wing Lei (best restaurants in Las Vegas):

Did you ever think that the Chinese restaurant could ever make this list? It just did with this very special spot called Wing Lei which is the first Chinese restaurant in America to earn a Michelin star. Not only is its decor extravagant but the food is as well. It’s the upscale Chinese food taking influences from Cantonese, Sichuan, and Shanghainese cuisine. Also, try their Wok-fried Maine lobster and pacific red cod. Eight in the list of the best restaurant in Las Vegas.

Wing Lei (best restaurants in Las Vegas)

  1. The XPot:

This is an elevated upscale Chinese hot pot restaurant located in the Palazzo shopping center. You will experience a lot of hot dining at that spot. One of their famous attraction is Miyazaki wagyu beef which you don’t find in too many hot pot restaurants in America. They also have a pretty cool lounge menu with great snacks like dry-aged wagyu skewers and oyster shooters.

The XPot

  1. Zuma (best restaurants in Las Vegas):

Last, in the list of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, This is a Japanese izakaya restaurant located in the cosmopolitan hotel. If you love Japanese food then you will want to consider Zuma. They have the Sushi bar, robata bar, and the main kitchen lobster tempura, spicy beef tenderloin. The menu is pretty diverse but everything here is spot-on delicious. I think this is impossible that you do not like the food here.

Zuma best restaurants

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